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I'm John Corde! I'm a 2022 graduate out of the University of Miami with a Bachelor in Theatre Arts and a minor in Music.

My journey into design started when I was very little, building train sets that would defy every regulation imaginable if it were full size. I've always been interested in coming up with ideas for video games, movies, roller coasters, attractions, etc. even at a very young age. So, When I switched majors to have a focus in theatre design rather than music, it was safe to say that this was more of a reunion.

Outside of my work, I play music as it's a beautiful way to express myself. I love to cook and try new recipes. My signature dish is gumbo. I also enjoy marathoning films based on genre, studio, director, etc. My mind is always moving to the next new and exciting thing but also trying to learn from the past.


It's important for a creative to be able to capture their vision and share it with those around them. I have a variety of ways to convey my ideas and also help others convey theirs such as model making, film, music, and various forms of research.


The passion I've had for creativity can be seen from an extremely young age. From storyboarding ideas for video games to building sling shots for the 10-foot-tall rollercoaster I laid out, I have always had a love for detail and outside the box thinking.


Throughout my life I have gained a variety of skills in different areas within the creative field and can utilize several at once. I have vast knowledge in plenty of subjects whether it be scenic, lighting, costume, sound, or music.


Meeting and connecting with others is essential to my journey as a designer. Email me at or fill out the form below and I'll respond as fast as I can.

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